Welcome! This is the registration website for the 2020 Stanford Math Tournament.

See the main SMT website for information about the tournament, including the SMT rules page for details on the registration process. Note that you'll be able to make changes to your registration information after you register.

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Registration for SMT 2020 is currently closed. However, depending on capacity, we may have space for additional late registrants. If you are still interested in participating in SMT 2020, please fill out this interest form. Please note that filling out the form is not a guarantee of space, but simply a request that we may or may not be able to satisfy.

If you have already registered for SMT 2020, you can still edit your registration below.

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If you have already registered one or more teams for SMT 2020, click the link in your email or enter your Registrant ID here to view or edit your registration.

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